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1. Don’t Charge for Your Place to Stay: Our community offers free exchange of hospitality. Asking for money or labor in exchange for your place to stay, or referring members to paid accommodation services, is not allowed.

2. Be an Independent Guest: Our community unites the ones wanting to share a place to stay with those in need. To allow as many hosts as possible to provide a safe place to stay regardless of their financial situation it is important not to expect financial support in addition to the free safe place to stay. 

3. Be Helpful: Try as you can to help each other as possible with integration, translation and simple things such as pointing them in the right direction to do their grocery shopping. 

4. Do Create Only One Profile: Duplicate, fake, and joke profiles are not allowed. The first profile that you create must be you and is the only one that you may have. 

5. Be Yourself: Misrepresenting yourself as someone else is prohibited. This includes representation as an agent, representative, employee, or affiliate of WeAreUkraine.

6. Keep It Legal: Don’t engage in nor encourage illegal activity; don’t violate any applicable law or regulation.

7. Don’t Force Your Beliefs and Lifestyle Choices on Others:  While certain house rules are expected these should be based on mutual respect for different ways of life.

8. Respect Others: WeAreUkraine is a meeting place for people of different cultures, lifestyles and ideals. By joining our community, you promise to communicate with respect and consideration, even if you encounter someone you disagree with.


9. Use Good Judgment and Be Empathetic: Throughout the hospitality exchange try to see the world from each others perspective. Disputes can occur when differing cultural norms create a misunderstanding, as many things are acceptable in some cultures and unacceptable in others.

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